After completing countless escape games across the country, we can offer some tips for those looking to escape the room

within the 60 minute time frame:

  • Start with the right group for your objective. If your goal is to hang out with family/friends and have a blast, that may be a different team than your rock star group that would help you beat the record time. Perhaps not! You know your peers. For added fun and challenge, collaborate with strangers; diversity in solving the escape room is key.
  • Ask questions of your game master before you enter the room! Some escape rooms have clues with dual purposes and some do not.
  • Delegate responsibilities. Someone in the escape room should be elected to be in charge of keeping watch of the time left to escape or complete the mission. Possibly they should handle asking for the clues as long as all the players are in agreement. Someone should be the initial clue procurer and one or more (depending on the size of your team) to solve the puzzles.
  • Keep clues that may be reused together. One of the tricks to escape the room in time is process of elimination.
  • If you find you are spending more than a few minutes on one individual puzzle, take those people off that puzzle and switch them to another one (or task to do more exploring).
  • While bringing 4 to 6 friends to your escape game adventure is great, bringing 10 may be overkill in an easier room. Be sure you know the difficulty rating for the room. If puzzles are mostly linear, then you guessed it, four or five people on that one puzzle may be counterproductive. Pick the right group size for the right escape game room and you will have more “Aha!” moments, thus more fun!