The History of the Lottery


The live hk has a long history. Its origins can be traced to colonial America, France, and the United States. In the early days, the government used the money to lend itself money. They then sold lottery ticket rights to brokers who hired agents and runners to sell the tickets. Eventually, lottery brokers became stockbrokers who sold shares in lottery tickets with notations of ownership.

Origins in colonial America

The origins of lottery in colonial America can be traced back to the 17th century. In 1612, the Virginia Company ran a lottery to raise money for the colony of Jamestown. In it, one of the first winners, Thomas Sharplisse, won 4,000 crowns – a small fortune for him. Three years later, the Virginia Company reran the lottery. This time, the lottery was run by notable people in the colony, including George Washington. In this lottery, the prize money would be used to free slaves, which was a good thing for the slaves, since they could not accumulate enough funds to buy their own freedom.

Origins in the United States

The lottery has been a part of life in the United States since at least 1776, when the Continental Congress voted to use the lottery to fund the American War of Independence. Lotteries were already widely used in England, and they quickly spread to the new world. Even the Jamestown colony was partially funded by private lotteries. A number of Founding Fathers supported lotteries, including Thomas Jefferson.